Our Livestock

We take pride in the daily maintenance and loving touch necessary to properly nurture these animals in a rich environment where they thrive in life.

Agápē Farms is privileged to care for the following livestock animals daily.

Each animal on Agápē Farms has a unique offering:

Cattle – beef

St. Croix Sheep – registered breeder lambs, unregistered feeder rams, lamb meat

American Guinea Hog – registered breeder piglets, unregistered feeder piglets, pork

Rabbit – meat, pelts


  • Coturnix Quail – blue quail eggs, whole frozen quail
  • Bourbon Red Turkey – eggs, whole frozen turkey
  • Guinea Fowl – eggs
  • Layer Chickens – multi colored eggs
  • Meat Chickens – eggs, Jersey Giant chicks, whole frozen chicken

For Fun

  • Mini Donkey
  • Horses
  • Prairie Dog
  • Squirrel
  • Dog
  • Cat

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